Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lighted garden and jasmine.

Why not? Why chandeliers always have to decorate your living room? Why not the garden?

It seems people in my street have no royal taste. When the word got around that I am planning to light my garden with a new chandelier, I received lot of unsolicited advice aimed at discouraging me.

Oh, I think these people are jealous. In our garden, we have three jasmine plants that are full of divine smelling flowers that blossom at night. A chandelier will certainly add to their beauty.

But, I have this weakness of not able to select a product. Every thing that I saw at was appealing to me. When I was about to decide on a particular piece, my husband will show me another, putting me in a dilemma.

Finally, I settled on the one below though it did stretch my budget a little.

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