Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mybloglog's most active bloggers.

Two of my friends are very active in and I sincerely admire their enthusiastic participation there.

My first friend is Aayush Bhatnagar and my second friend is Dharmendra Pundeer.
Click on the links that will take you directly to their profile. Both are technically sound. While I visit Bhatnagar's Cell Tech Hub to glimpse those mobile phones he blogs about, I show Pundeer blogs to my son who is studying in final year B.E. computer Science.

Both are brisk youths and blogging with great passion. They keep in touch with their community members regularly which is an admirable quality. I wish I have more time to devote to them and other community members.

Oh, yes, I should mention Profit Sense blogger too whose blog's feeds I have subscribed to. His articles are very useful to me.

I visit these blogs also frequently.
Wilson's Blog
Senseless Syndrome
Technical Guide from Subash
Silki's Web Tools

If you visit any of the above blogs, please tell them where you came from; a little bit of self promotion-yeah?(smile)
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