Saturday, July 07, 2007

My idea of Luxury Home.

A hotel is awarded a five star category if it offers certain luxuries to the guests and if it is built as per certain norms conforming to very high standard that includes fully carpeted area, swimming pool, 24 hour coffee shop etc.

When real estate developers advertise luxury homes, do they really offer all the modern luxuries? I don’t think so.

My idea of a luxury home may even shock the owner of a seven star hotel.

It should have:

Remote controlled gate

Heated Swimming pool

Automatic doors

Centralized coolers and heaters

Eco friendly garbage removal

A kitchen that looks exactly as in the image below.

I will add more to the above as and when I get fancy ideas. (Smile)

For your information, the kitchen shown above is part of the house below that is being sold at Charlestown, Rhode Island by

Ideally, I should have a house like this with sprawling lawns with white fence.

If you want a bigger house with more luxuries, please click on the link above.

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