Thursday, July 05, 2007

Get immediate visitors to your blog.

I admire the efforts of Etienne to get his blog read. His recent announcement of $100 cash contest itself is a master move for attracting traffic, increasing page rank for his 'Make money online' blog for which I am a subscriber.

Why do I say that his is a master move?
Everyone that wants to enter the contest has to make a review on his blog and leave a comment for having done so. All those who are also entering this contest will notice the comments of fellow contestants and will read their comment as well as their review. This is a win-win situation. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

Another rule of the contest is the Technorati favorite. This will increase the Technorati authority of Etienne.

Then, contestants are asked to subscribe to his RSS feeds. This is also a good move that will show the number of readers by Feedburner on his blog home page.

I read one of his blog posts on 14 factors that will affect the ranking on major search engines. I would like to point out his point #8 in which he writes, “This is by far the best way to get your site on the top when you get linked to a high pagerank site.” I beg to differ on this point. Your blog or website should have incoming links from as many as possible and their PR doesn’t really affect your PR.

A reader to his blog will find most of the posts to be highly useful. Even before the announcement of this $100 contest, I have recognized his blog’s value and have subscribed.

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