Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I can’t carry anymore!

He strapped and strapped his huge suitcase with white tapes to ensure that it won’t open during transit.

That is my husband’s brother-in-law living in Virginia. He frequents India on personal and official visits. And he carries loads and loads of goods. His excuse for that is, he has to oblige many friends.

His huge suitcase has seen many countries and crying for replacement. But he refuses to buy a new one. It seems he has fallen in love with it and it is quite possible that he is sentimental about it.

My husband is never tired of criticizing him for his choice of luggage but it had fallen in deaf ears. But this time, I too have an idea to make him change his mind. I am going to show this piece below which I am sure will impress him.

This is a wheeled duffle bag that is on sale at and is a product of American Tourister which is in this trade for 90 years. Yes, I too remember to have seen their logo many times. They are known for their superior luggage products and services

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