Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Create multiple profiles for yourself.

All the other social networking web sites allow you to create only one profile but in iStarLive you can multiple profiles different from each one. For bloggers who maintain different niche blogs, this is an advantage. People in the same niche can quickly find you and interact.

Though I have been writing about many social networking sites, somehow I don't find time to join one and be active there. Yes, I did join a few but mostly Indian based. I quickly got fed up with spam messages. And more over, majority of the topic will be centered on Hindi movies of which I have least interest.

In iStarLive, we can post classifieds which are said to be very responsive among the members. Video chat facility is an added attraction in iStarLive. And not to forget the Web Conferencing service exclusively created for business people.

Hmm... it seems this is a very professional social networking to me.

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