Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No, helmet alone is not sufficient.

It was costlier than I expected-my helmet cost nearly $25. It came fitted with a visor, a tinted one.

I insisted on a tinted visor of the hot sun that I had to face when going towards my coaching academy. “Your eyes are fluffy and look turbid” was my co-sister’s remark just now. She is a doctor and more than a relative to me. Because of our near equal age, we move like friends.

I showed her my helmet with visor and she said it is not sufficient to protect my eyes. She advised me to wear sun glasses that are specifically made for bike riders. It made sense to me and I requested her to suggest the best brand.

She informed me that I should go for Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses that have a removable foam eye cup to protect eyes from wind, dust and water. This is something new to me. I also found out that Wiley X glasses are available even in photo chromic versions.

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