Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Replace wood for metal cabinets.

Why not? In fact it is the best suggestion that I heard from my neighbor. When she saw my recently installed metal cabinets in our garage, she asked me why I don’t replace my existing wooden cabinets with metal cabinets in my kitchen.

It made sense to me. After all, I am spending more time in the kitchen than in my garage. I suppose it applies for all the women. At present, my kitchen cabinets are made of cheap plywood that attracts pests and I can say they are real pests literally. I am spending more than three hours every month to tackle this vexing issue.

Metal cabinets that are made of aluminum will not rust, even in the coastal area where air is salty. Moreover, pests have an aversion of metals.

Yes, I will install diamond plate kitchen cabinets which are made of aluminum, when I allocate my next budget for home maintenance.

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