Monday, July 23, 2007

New Contextual links program.

Please read the subject again. I wrote 'Contextual links' and not contextual ad.

In this program, bloggers can earn by placing links to sponsors in their blog content. You are paid $10 per post.

Dewitts Media is a professional web design company that also offers content writing, Search engine optimization, link building, contextual links, and custom programming.

How its works:

"Blog publishers are based upon a bidding system, so therefore if blog publisher 1 has only done 1 post, but blog publisher 2 has done 2 post it would be blog publisher 1 turn."

No, I don't understand what does that mean. I will write to them for an explanation.

Here is one condition with regards to non disclosure agreement. "All of our publishers are required to view a NDA, and clearly states that no links are to be revealed under any circumstance that they have been purchased!"

I think I came across similar condition elsewhere but don't remember at present. Dewitts Media took only two hours to approve my blog.

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