Monday, July 23, 2007

What will become of China?

This question is posed by a Chinese in Qoo Forum, an Adsense revenue sharing forum that splits the Adsense revenue 50:50 between its active members.

I have participated in a couple of Adsense revenue sharing forums but this forum I would call it a complete forum because of diverse range of topics. I have never seen a forum with such great range of topics that will interest many.

Forums that are devoted to only specific topic, may not attract large members but this forum, I foresee is going to be the number one actively participated forum in the Internet in two years.

While I am not going to list the entire range of topics here, I will mention only a few as samples.

News & Current Events where discussions of world news and current events are held

It has sub-forums that include US Election, Breaking Headlines, Historical events etc.

Speak your mind in the Politics & Government Forum, and be prepared for some hot topics in sub-forums such as Constitutional Law, Economy & Economics, and Political Humor.

Business, work home, music, search engines are a few topics that is holding lively discussions at present.

Today, I have registered myself in Qoo forum as the 1593rd member.

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