Saturday, July 14, 2007

Want multi-dimensional sales prospects?

The onus will be always on the marketing team in any concern. They won’t be spared even for genuine reasons and circumstances beyond their control.

They might have pulled every ace up their sleeves but sometimes, the results won’t be forthcoming. I am 100% sure they might not have explored e-mail marketing.

Internet is full of negative opinions on e-mail marketing due to spamming. I don’t blame anybody because a few bad players have definitely spoiled the direct marketing industry.

The main reason I could attribute to this is the usage of non-responsive and out dated list of prospects. There are only a few in this trade that sell clean lists and the top rated among them is Martin Worldwide.

Their ResponseCom comprises of hot and very responsive list of consumers segregated under several categories and available state wise. Martin Worldwide says that decades of tracking, compiling, and optimizing data that was merged into one vast database.

Their database acquisition expertise has earned then many Fortune 1000 clients. This list broker provides a variety of cost-effective services to ensure success in its clients’ direct marketing efforts. Their guarantee speaks volumes of their confidence on their product.

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