Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Automatic Pinging.

I stumbled onto yesterday and added my blogs.

What my doubt is, will autopinger function as the name suggests? Will it crawl my blogs and notify the blog search engines automatically without me doing any action?

I found there is a autopinger community in I joined promptly and asked the author of the community my question . So far, no reply has come.

Here is an interesting piece that I read just now at about these pinging sites.
"....many of these sites cheerfully respond to any ping with a positive response even though they have no record of your site in their database at all. Many will just as cheerfully acknowledge a ping referencing a non-existent site. Pinging them may not automatically add your site; you may need to visit them and manually add your information before that ping has any value at that site."

My God, he read my mind!

So, what do you make out of it?
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