Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Skid proof mats for your truck.

“Sir, influenced by TV commercials, I have bought a pick up truck. What next?”-this is the question posed by my husband’s former driver. I thought this is a silly question. How can one buy a second hand pick up truck without any purpose?

He sheepishly admitted that, he bought it because he thought it was cheap. My husband reprimanded him severely but somehow reconciled to help him out.

He immediately called a fruits wholesaler and inquired if he could use one more pickup vehicle. Yes, he wanted one and in fact he himself was about to release an ad in the local dailies.

So my husband conveyed this happy news to his former driver. When my husband was shown the van, he was impressed by the overall condition but he saw that it required a new mat. He knew that this van needs to be fitted with a good truck bed liner that is skid proof to carry fruits baskets and boxes.

He showed the diver the model below and he was also happy with it and went about buying it at the earliest.

STK Line-A- Bed liners from
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