Sunday, August 26, 2007

Exclusive online poker for Mac users.

The persistent invitation to chat was neglected by me because I was deeply engrossed in an online card called ‘Solitaire’. I was hooked to this game long before the internet came into being.

At last, I accepted the chat invitation when my game was over. It was my sister-in-law from the U.S. She promptly reprimanded me for my indifference but I was able to pacify her quickly.

The beauty was she wanted to know if I know of a website that offers to play poker because she is now tired of ‘Solitaire’. Incidentally she was my guru for ‘Solitaire’.

I knew she has a Mac and I also knew of a website that is created exclusively for Mac users to play poker. I once did a review for Mac Poker and published it in one of my blogs.

That review provided me an opportunity to learn something about a few poker games such as Pacific Poker and Full tilt Poker. When I read the poker rules in, I realized that I had some misgiving and rectified myself. They are very clearly explained in that website.

The entire website is a huge storehouse of valuable information on poker games and even a novice can easily navigate and get the details. I still remember some beautiful images in their website pertaining to Party Poker,, and Poker School of which I liked the most.

One can play online for time pass and for money too.

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