Thursday, August 23, 2007

Free Blog Review.

Don't let go of this free opportunity to get your blog reviewed.

Visit Fair Review now and explore the blog directory. And whatever blog you like, make a blog post about it in your blog and give a link to the host.

Then submit a listing request and increase your blog readership. Instead of getting just a text link, a review is lot better-right?

I browsed around a bit and read Blog Duck in which a long time blogger Brian Aldrich posts ideas for webmasters, blog news, blogging tips and much more! There are some useful articles on wordpress, blogging tasks and social bookmarking.

I read three blog posts and I like the way they are written-simple and interesting. The way he has analyzed the importance of 'Stumbleupon' with traffic statistics is one proof that this blog must be bookmarked and visited regularly.

I took time to read his post on blog design though it is not my forte. Hmm..., may be this is one area I must seek his assistance.

BTW, he invites guest bloggers also.

Incidentally, I stumbled it.

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