Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monetize your blog with Revver.

Though I know one can make some cash with Revver by uploading original video clips but I did not know how we earn by sharing it.

I quote them:
"To increase the value of the entire Revver network, we also reward people for sharing videos. You can earn 20% of ad revenue for sharing videos by other Revver members. The remaining revenue is split 50/50 between the maker and Revver."

I searched several blogs that wrote about Revver and here is one that has explained it clearly.
"Lets say your not up to uploading a video on the web, well people that share/display any Revver videos on their sites earn 20% of the revenue. So no work, just embed a clip you enjoy on your site, and when someone watches it, get your pay."

Yes, I am clear. I can upload the video clips that I liked in Revver in to my blog and earn as explained above, though the money can be very small and may not even worth spending time on it.

What do you day?

Thank you IntelliMind!
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