Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wedding rings and bands.

Yesterday, my husband removed the wedding band from his hand and gave it to me for polishing. Yes, it certainly lost its sheen.

In our community, a wedding band is given more importance over a wedding ring. During the elaborate marriage ritual in front of the fire, both the bride and the groom tie a band of thread over each other’s wrist as a symbol of bond.

Though we belong to very orthodox family, we do sometimes bend the rules and go with the emerging trends without compromising the rituals.

For example, among the assortment of jewelry gifts and a special diamond necklace from the girl’s side, a wedding band for the groom made of pure gold found its way as a token of respect. Though this metal wedding band did not replace the wedding thread, it has come into vogue as a prestige issue for the bride’s father.

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