Friday, September 28, 2007

The Aussies have landed.

Another grueling cricket matches viewing for the Indians with the arrival of the Aussie team led by Ponting.

Yes, I am bothered about my postponed assignments because I must allocate 8 hrs to watch a one day international. I would like to see the victorious Indian thrash the Australians again in India.

I am flying to Bangalore tonight to watch the first match tomorrow. But I am also an ardent fan of the Aussie cricket team and I like their positive aggression on the field.

In the meanwhile, I have arranged to send a gift to Ricky Ponting- a new digital picture frame loaded with the exploits of Indian cricket team during the just concluded Twenty20 World Cup.

This digital photo frame removes the necessity to have a computer to view digital pictures. We can just insert the memory card from our digital camera and insert it in the digital photo frame and start viewing from the comforts of your couch. Yes, place the device on a table and operate it with a remote control. Do you know, you can watch it with sound?

A perfect gift I have arranged to send to Ponting. As an afterthought, I have sent the free 256 MB memory card that I got it free with my purchase of digital photo frame.
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