Wednesday, September 26, 2007

YuWie pays you!

There are a few blogs that I visit often and one of them is

In that blog, I came to know about an income opportunity for bloggers through Yuwie.

This seems like a Squidoo to me but there are some differences of course.

My first impression is not good because the site is very slow and several pages are not opening. May be my time was not good.

What Is Yuwie?
Aaron Cook says Yuwie is the first social networking website that actually pays its users through revenue sharing! Each month, Yuwie pays its users a portion of all of the advertising revenue!

How Does Yuwie Pay You?

Yuwie pays you a portion of the overall ad revenue, which means that you'll receive a portion of the Yuwie ad revenue any time:

* Your profile is viewed
* Your pictures are viewed
* Your videos are viewed
* Your blog is viewed
* Your comments are viewed
* Your shared layouts are viewed

. In addition to those above, Yuwie also pays you whenever you:

* Use your control panel
* Update your profile
* Add a blog post
* Add a picture
* Message a friend.

Is there any use in referring friends?

Yes says Aaron Cook. “ You also get a cut of your referrals' page views as well - all the way down through 10 levels”.

Yuwie Features:
As in most of the social networking websites, here also one can share pictures, post a message in message boards, create a blog and make friends.

Join YuWie now!

Gratitude: Aaron Cook.

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