Monday, September 17, 2007

Beautiful light fixtures for your home.

Answering a persistent calling bell, I was surprised to face a well known television serial producer. I have no connection to such professionals, but my husband has plenty of friends in the tinsel world.

When my husband and this friend of him sat down for a leisurely chat, I found out that he came to ask our permission to use our terrace for a shooting because the backdrop of our terrace is a mini forest.

A small set was erected and with beautiful looking light fixtures meant to illuminate an inflatable bath tub. Naturally our neighbors started trooping in to my house. All of their eyes were transfixed not on the filming process but on the color light fixtures (see image).

It is called a multi light with colorful shades and the effect of it on the portable bathtub was highly romantic.

All my neighbors asked the director more details about it and he also patiently wrote down the web site ( at the back of his visiting card.
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