Friday, September 28, 2007

Best travel insurance for senior citizens.

My husband is the best bet for taking decisions in our family. Even if I buy a as small as an optical mouse, it will stop working within days but when left to my husband’s choice, the same optical mouse is likely to catch up his age. And he is 52 now! (Smile)

So, I reserved my opinion when he chose as the travel insurance provider for his grandfather’s visit to India from U.K. For travel insurance over 70 years old people, selecting the right insurance company involves a lot of research online, he told me.

My husband gives maximum points for the way a website is presented. Then he values the wordings of content and then he will look for testimonials.

When he showed, I was instantly impressed on all the above points. Cover My Travels offer one of the widest ranges of travel insurance policies available that covers medical expenses, loss of personal belongings, passports and cash, travel delays or missed departures, as well as personal liability and legal costs.

A 24-hour medical service is provided scored over all the other points considering the age of his grandfather who is 77 years. I don’t think many insurance companies will take a passenger of that age.

One can get a free quote online from them.
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