Thursday, September 20, 2007

A blog directory for women bloggers.

For once I am glad to be a woman.

No, I will rephrase; I am always glad that I am a woman.

Blogs by women is of course operated by a woman and it is a blog directory where only women bloggers can list their blogs.

Another important information I must tell you. If you are a woman blogger and if you are from India, then you will be asked to validate your email. Indian bloggers are not held in high esteem by Blogs by women.

I am sad but then it is her prerogative.

I too operate a web directory and I can say more than 70% of the submissions are irrelevant and can be called spam. The staistics shows that 90 % of them are not from India or by Indians.

Blogs by Women has PR5 and most of the innner pages too shows PR4. A ggod place for getting page rank for your blogs.

I have submitted one of my blogs after validating my email and awaiting approval.
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