Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There is a paid campaign.

“There is a paid campaign for you to take. Go to your member area to find out this task and complete it”

This is how the email from Smorty will read if your blog is approved by them. Once approved, you must log in periodically to check for tasks. If there is one available, you can accept it and note down the requirements to complete the task. You will also intimated by email as above.

If you follow their instructions to the letter, your blog post will be approved for payment. If by chance you have not written a blog post without following the instruction, their system will point out your mistake. You can then re-submit your completed work after attending to the error.

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There are hundreds of methods to go about their task and among them, blogs are considered as the most fruitful media. To advertise on blogs, advertisers engage the services of a professional internet marketing company such as is a busy market place for advertisers and bloggers. Here those who are looking for blog advertising as well as bloggers who blog for money are matched by to create a win-win situation.

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