Monday, September 10, 2007

Durable laminated table cloth.

I told my husband that I asked even my sister not to come to our house as I am busy preparing for my M.Phil exam. In spite of that, my husband brought home several of his friends yesterday.

Cursing him, I however went about preparing some snacks for them. I took more time than necessary because my mind was fully preoccupied with my preparations.

Finally, when I set the table, there were cries of appreciation when they came to the dining hall. In spite of my displeasure, I was secretly happy that they liked the look of the food.

But my pleasure was short lived when I learnt that the appreciation was for the new laminated tablecloth and not for the snacks. This time, my husband beamed since he was the one that recently bought the laminated table cloth over my protest.

Over the dining table, my husband started bragging about his knowledge on laminated tablecloth that he bought online from The product was tested under the Wyzenbeck Method, which calls for a minimum of 3,000 cycles of abrasion testing but this product is said to have withstood for 50,000 cycles by both machine direction and transverse direction without any damage to the fabric.

After they have finished eating, he even demonstrated the cleaning of the table cloth with a damp cloth!

Oh, these chauvinistic males!
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