Monday, September 10, 2007

Join Digital Folders Network of bloggers.

I join a bloggers network for the obvious reasons.
To increase my blog page rank and traffic.
To befriend bloggers just for the sake of friendship.
To read various blogs. I am genuinely interested in reading your blog.

But this is the first time I am learning about earning some cash by joining a bloggers network.
Digital Folders Network is inviting bloggers to join their growing network of bloggers.
* We can join them and submit our existing blogs to be integrated into their network.
* We can create a blog within their network
* We can join them in the capacity of a guest blogger.

I presume many of you will be interested in the first category. For your reference, I quote them below.
"Usually, the integration process is fairly simple: all that is required is reservation of ad space in your template to be made available for sale through our network (number of sports and sizes to be discussed). In these spaces, you can run whatever ads you wish (you probably already have AdSense or affiliate ads running somewhere in your sidebars), up to the moment that the network sells the space. From this point on, the advertiser ad starts running. This whole process is done through our ad server, but you’ll get to know more about the mechanisms after your application.

For these spaces, we share time and revenue on a 25-75% basis to you. Any other form of blog monetization is up to you and we won’t interfere with that."

They say that they are currently accepting self hosted blogs to join their network. I must admit my ignorance about the exact meaning of self hosted blog though I think I know. Since I was not sure about it, I submitted this blog.(smile)

I am sure many of this blog readers might be interested to join this network. Please spread the word for the benefit of others.

Oh, yes! They also have a forum for their network members though it is not actively participated.
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