Thursday, September 06, 2007

New look garage accessories.

I am the most disorganized person earning the wrath of my family members always for my absent mindedness and untidy manner. Imagine how our garage will look if it is left to me to maintain it.

My husband gave up quarrelling with me and resigned to the conclusion that I will never be allowed to enter the garage, a place that requires the maximum attention than any other part of the house.

One fine day, he just junked everything in the garage and ordered two new look and sturdy storage cabinets, new tools that included a beautiful looking wall tool bin from

------>Wall Tool Bin

He wanted to buy a garage fridge and a pressure washer too but fortunately, I am the finance minister in our house and I simply rejected his application. There must be a limit to stuff your garage-right? Sure, I agree that offers a wide range of garage products that every male would like to buy but I felt that pressure washer my husband wanted was a bit too much.

I was sorry that I applied the brake but it had to be done.

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