Friday, September 21, 2007

What is a social search engine?

I am encountering the word, ‘Social Search Engine’ daily; well, almost daily! (Smile)

Wikipedia says, “A social search engine is a type of search engine that determines the relevance of search results by considering the interactions or contributions of users”.

Yes, that makes some sense o my normally dull mind.

Social search takes many forms, ranging from simple shared bookmarks or tagging of content with descriptive labels to more sophisticated approaches that combine human intelligence with computer algorithms.

Anoox is a social search engine that is rated high. I paid a visit to it but could find any clue to its high regards. “AnooX search results are Powered by the Knowledge of the People:-here again I don’t understand this concept of search results are powered by people.

Here is an interesting piece of information that I read in their web site. “They hope to reduce the search engine sales to $1 billion per year from the current $10 billion per year.”

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