Thursday, October 04, 2007

A blog for babies!

Yes a blog for babies but of course not by babies. Baby stores, tips and more is authored by Nichole, a mother of four.

I have a peculiar way of visiting blogs but not always. Being a member of Myblolog and Blogcatalog, I try to reciprocate visits and also click on images of members who are attractive to me.(smile)

That is how I landed on Nicholebeard's profile at and I am glad I did it. Rare I come across blogs that is designed with creativity. Baby stores, tips and more definitely is impressive to me. It is uncluttered (unlike mine) and simple.

Next the content:
Good! Very well written! For example, read this on "New Baby Products Abound, But Are They Really Necessary?"
"Congratulations! You're pregnant. Now comes the stressful task of figuring out which baby gear you actually need."

Pay her visit;she deserves it.

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