Friday, October 26, 2007

Calculate exactly your odds and win.

In my 22 years of teaching mathematics, I have never encountered such a genius concept as this-the calculator that tells you what your odds are on the poker table.

Another unbelievable feature is the calculations are based on 3 million random hands. This is truly phenomenal indeed. sells this poker odds calculator for only $29.95 excluding shipping and handling charges.

Who would not think of buying this calculator when they can increase their chances of returning home with a coat pocket full of greenbacks?

The Pre-Flop Advantage gives you an instant analysis of how your cards stack up against the competition and because there are only seconds to react the Pre-Flop Advantage provides you with instant real-time hand ranking and winning percentages.

Here are the basic steps to operate:

Enter number of players by pressing corresponding “Total Players” button….

Hey! Why should you bother to read this when you can see the demo in YouTube?

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