Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Earn money from blog contests.

Apart from earning from your blog through AdSense, text links and sponsored posts, there is one more method to earn and that is by participating in simple contests announced by bloggers like you and I.

If you are bother about letting as many bloggers know about your contest, here is a solution offered by Blog Contests.

All you have to do is pick a suitable category and give a write up for your contest and let them do the marketing for you for $10. They are advertising through Google AdWords. You also give them a link in your blog.

A sample contest:
Earn $50:
"In hopes of getting some traffic to my new blog I am offering a contest for the month of November.

Entering the contest is very simple, you either comment on any of the posts for the month of November, or offer a link to the contest details.

I will randomly select a winner form these two methods and send them $50 Via PayPal."

Come on, spread the word.

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