Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Krillion inspired concept.

After fixing an appointment with all the residents in our street, an appliances dealer brought his big van containing Whirlpool range of washing machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens.

On the side of the van, a large colorful banner on which Whirlpool Ranges was written. Everybody in our street appreciated this novel concept of bringing the consumer durables shop at our door step saving us precious time.

While acknowledging our gratitude, the dealer admitted that he was inspired by Krillion, the search engine that takes into account the locality of the person searching for something and produces results accordingly.

This unique Krillion Localization Engine scours the Web to find, integrate and present actionable local search results for the ready-to-buy consumer. Krillion delivers local search results that combine very specific product information with very specific locality information.

This idea was further improved by this dealer of appliances and there it is the entire range of Whirlpool in front of us.

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