Sunday, October 28, 2007

The easy solution for your web needs.

This is what I was looking for exactly-a web application solution that can be customized to my educational college.

My college management is aware of my internet experience and they thought I am a web developer. I admitted that I am not a technical person but I can find out a company that can give the correct solution.

Due to my prior experience in this field, I know exactly what I want. The portal software from is the ideal platform for creating value added content based website for my institution. Their The BoxesOS Web Portal Component is suitable to monitor students’ community activities and it can encourage activation participation among students.

I am happy to know that creating the portal with portal software doesn’t require expert technical knowledge as I feared. With Epazz’s offer of 30 days free trial, my college has nothing to lose. 30 days is more than enough to work with the BoxesOS. If we can’t create the portal within 30 days with the aid of this tailor made software, then there must be something wrong with our staff only.

When I highlighted to the correspondent of my college that BoxesOS is especially suitable for communication among students and academic staff to share data and information, he gave me the green signal to go ahead with my decision.

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