Sunday, October 28, 2007

Submit blog related articles.

Every top internet marketer opines that the best or one of the ways to get visitors and link popularity is to submit articles to article directories.

I differ slightly here. While I agree that articles directories are a good source for increasing the number of visitors, I suspect no one looks for blog related articles in general articles directories. Well, I don't look for anything related to blogging tools and blog promotion in general articles directories.

I look at various other places such as blog directories and social bookmarking web sites. Today I learnt that Blogarama accepts blogging related articles. Blogarama is a big name in the blogosphere with Google PR7.

I submitted one of my blog posts and awaiting their approval. Once approved, I will be encouraged to submit more blog related articles there.

Blogarama - The Blog Directory
Blogarama - The Blog Directory
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