Friday, October 26, 2007

Have you submitted your blogs on Spicypage?

It was in September 2006 that I came to know about Spicy Page. Initially, I showed a lot of interest in it by browsing on several blogs a day.

As usual, I did not sustain my interest till today. Since I received a private message there, I logged in to see only a spam message. But it was a blessing in disguise. My account area has earned a Google page rank 3.

I was happy and submitted the rest of my blogs today. Another new feature is, you can submit individual blog posts too.

This blog has received 38 votes already. Nice going-eh?

Spicypage lets you post, comment on, vote on, share your favorite sites or blogs with your friends and others like you. Discover and bookmark the new and the best sites & blogs out there, and connect with people of the same interests as you.

Today also, I took time to notice a couple of good blogs there. And please be aware that several heavy weight bloggers also have listed their blogs in Spicy Page.
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