Friday, October 26, 2007

Space saving stands and mounts.

On rainy day a few years ago, I was forced to enter the lobby of a star hotel to take shelter. I was fully drenched and started shivering.

I was embarrassed by odd glances. I suppose a woman staff of the hotel was also equally embarrassed to look at my state and came forward to help me. She guided me to the washroom and permitted me to use their fresh, dry towel.

Suddenly I heard a loud cheer and I was shocked and got knocked off my feet. Oh, the noise must have come from the TV high up on the wall and there was a cricket match going on. That was the first time I saw a big and heavy television mounted on a wall.

I was impressed in spite of my state and decided to buy one for my house. Though we did not have a TV that big, still it was heavy. Could there be any thing more to that wall mount? I searched in the internet and saw a plasma wall bracket that could be turned. I read that it was a multi directional wall bracket. (See picture)

Thank God, I did not straight away buy an ordinary wall mount. Sure, this multi directional is very convenient.

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