Saturday, October 13, 2007

Invite the best appreciation.

Is there such a thing called 'appreciation' and 'best appreciation'?

Some or even most may disagree with me but I wish to emphasize that I have felt the difference when I hear an appreciative remark. Ok, let me explain it more clearly.
We all hear several thanks daily and we too say so. Most of the 'thanks' will be uttered habitually-right?

But we also say 'A big thanks' at times meaning we appreciate more whatever we have received that provoked us to express our 'big thanks'.

We had a family outing last Sunday and we visited a new hotel. I said, "Thank you very much sir, I am able to clearly see the fine artwork on your table cloth and it is done exceptionally well".

"That is because of the seagull lighting that we installed madam; Thanks for your appreciation. I am glad you noticed"

That is me. I notice many things which generally escape the eyes of my family members and I always appreciate heartily.

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