Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shameless promotion of your blogs.

Isn't the title nice?

Without hesitating for a second, I will grab any opportunity to promote my blog. Once, I thought, it is enough to be active in

I was wrong. Of late, I get more visitors from, though I hardly spend time there it deserves.

In it, under discussions tab, there is a thread titled, "Shameless Blog Promotion"
I posted one of my blogs there. I restrained myself by not mentioning all my blogs due to decency.(smile)

Then I visited a few blogs mentioned by others and I would like to write about one that should be useful to many bloggers. It is a blog by Kowgirl on common grammar errors.

There are quite known faces; syafthegeek, sindoo20, mrsnesbitt, ladyinfluence, karenlim, gosmelltheflowers and PhilipHarris.

Why don't you also utilize the opportunity?
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