Monday, October 08, 2007

Build your own shopping cart.

A project on shopping cart software was given to my son by his university to be completed with in 6 months.

He is studying his final year B.E. Computer Science. He is teamed up with two others as collaborators.

I was relieved to know that he will be doing this project on which I can lend a helping hand due to my 9 years of internet marketing.

In fact, I have more than adequate knowledge on e-commerce. When I started my general web directory project, I equipped myself fairly well with shopping cart.

I know about the service of as one of the premier e-commerce solution provider. My directory developer was an Aussie lady who taught me the basics of shopping cart software.

With, merchants are allowed to build their own custom shopping cart using the advanced merchant interface. One can build an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful sites for a simple, low monthly fee.

Ashop Commerce shopping carts are integrated with all major banks, gateways and third party processors including PayPal and credit cards.

Sign up for a free 10 day free trial and play with the world’s easiest shopping cart building software.

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