Monday, October 08, 2007

Place a dynamic blogroll on your blog.

Let us view your existing blogroll. It is a static one with just a link to your favorite blogs.
What if that same widget of blogroll displays the content of the each blog in that blogroll?

As and when those blogs get updated, that content will appear in your blogroll.

The service is provided by Feevy.

"Show the latest posts from your favorite blogs in one column.
Put them in order according to the latest updates, which will appear on top.

With feevy, you can replace static, boring blogrolls with dynamic content and transform your blog into a web portal for your network of friends.

Initially I did not understand how it works but after reading their FAQ, everything is clear.

"Moreover, you can have as many feevys as you wish and use them to make web portals for your group of friends or for your favorite network. Organize the contents in columns, make a feevy for each one, and that's it… feevy takes care of keeping it permanently updated and you don't need to do anything.".-FEEVY

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