Monday, October 08, 2007

Ethnic mailing lists for website promotion.

A few months before, I did a promotion for a couple of dating websites that were created to target Russians and Hispanics.

I thought my blog post itself may not be sufficient to promote the website and hence I posted my work in a few social search engines.

At that time, I thought why they don’t buy ethnic mailing list from the world leader Martin Worldwide. Martin Worldwide makes targeting ethnic prospects more effective than ever.

Similarly, I have an idea to create a podcast on Bhagvat Gita. I am terribly inspired by its verses. To promote this podcast, I can approach the Mailing Lists Company -Martin Wordwide and buy a huge list categorized by cultural, religious, and geographic ethnic density to obtain optimum campaign results.

Martin Worldwide provides the world's largest ethnic database - Over 107 million records! The list comes with a guarantee, “if your list fails to perform, we will replace the unsuccessful data with new data at no additional charge to you!”

Here is more for anyone looking to buy targeted mailing list from Martin Worldwide:

* Quarterly updates to ensure each ethnic list you purchase will be the most complete, comprehensive, and up-to-date lists available in the marketplace.

* Licensed data from a wide variety of different compilers to ensure you receive the most comprehensive database of ethnic prospects.

Yes, I find ‘Indian” also in their ethnic database which I am contemplating to use for my podcast promotion.

For your convenience, I am giving below the contact details of Contact: Chip Matthews, Client Relations Manager

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