Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is a hosted shopping cart?

Do you know that when the first ever offline supermarket was opened, the customers were not provided any container to keep their purchases in, before checking out to pay for it? They were forced to carry their own shopping bags or baskets.

Only at a much later stage, they were provided shopping cart with wheels which they pushed it along to keep their purchases in them. This is the first idea of hosted service.

Similarly, if we want to open our own online store, we can approach a shopping cart service provider to host a custom made shopping cart for which we can pay a monthly charge. We need not install the ecommerce software in our server.

But we must be fully aware that developing such software is not very easy. The software developers are required to sound technical knowledge in several areas of ecommerce, the prime area being the security the website provides to the customer. Then, they must choose the right database management program and finally make the entire online shopping experience a smooth and glitch free one.

Now, an even more advanced technology is introduced by Ashop Commerce. With their user friendly ecommerce software, merchants can build their own custom store front.

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