Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Keep the wind and thieves away.

The north east monsoon has started in Madras. Though there is only intermittent rain, the sky is dark and the atmosphere is gloomy. We expect torrential rain in a few days and it is likely to last till middle of November.

My neighbor who just a bought a very costly car is naturally upset over the wrong time of purchase. I saw him kept looking up at the grey sky in the morning. I can understand his concern. When it rains in Madras, the city roads can get slushy with mud.

I am planning to meet him in the evening today and show him a wonderful car cover that can be safeguarded with lock. The Covercraft Lock and Cable keeps your car cover on your vehicle when high winds, vandals and thieves pass through.

This is made by Covercraft—pioneers in the car cover business for more than 40 years and is available online at, an excellent resource for all your auto, SUV, van and truck accessories at an unbeatable price. They are one of America's largest and fastest growing online retailers of specialized automotive accessories!

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