Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Work at home as a jewelry dealer.

I could not decline the invitation of one of my student’s mother. She invited me and several others to her house for the Dussera festival which just concluded.

Though I was very tired after 5 hours of teaching maths, I somehow managed to attend the function. After offering prayers, we sat around to socialize. My host informed everybody to have a look at a collection of jewelry she just bought only to sell it.

I was pretty impressed by the collections (see sample below) and I am sure you also will appreciate the delicate workmanship; the prize was also very affordable.

The host had taken up this work at home opportunity by partnering with Foxy Jewelry with a minimum investment. She informed us that the investment is risk free as it is covered by a 90 day guarantee. The profit margin is as high as 100 to 400%.

Knowing the passion for jewelry among Indian women, I told my host that she has taken a wise decision that will prove to be a prosperous one.

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