Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bloglines is looking for volunteers.

If you are living in the bay area and if you think you are a non techie and the Feeds are somewhat new to you, then you can apply for the post of a volunteer with Bloglines.

Modest compensation is given.

"Since we know that Bloglines attracts a wide set of people, we want to get a good mix - all ages, home or work users. So we’ve created a short (5 minute) survey to help us find the folks who best represent the Bloglines audience. In turn, we’ll contact you to arrange a meeting with our researcher. If you’re interested, please check out the survey."

So, I am not eligible to apply because...BTW where is Bay area? (smile). Yes I am also a non techie but I am fairly conversant with Feeds.

I have read the news from its feeds through Google reader. You can also read it here.

Please remember to pass it on to your Bay area friends.
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