Friday, November 23, 2007

Lost luggage and the refund.

My sister-in-law Geetha arrived an hour late from Virginia. The flight was scheduled to arrive at 2.30 AM. Imagine our impatience waiting at the airport with sleepy eyes.

But Geetha came out flushed with anger only at 4.00 AM because she lost her costly Delsey luggage sets. This is the third time this airline is mishandling her luggage.

Of course, she will fight with the airlines to refund her in full but she was very sad that she could not give me one of the luggage sets. It was a beautiful yellow colored Desley duffle.

She bought them from, the Internet’s number one source for luggage. They sell a great range of popular brands of luggage, briefcases, garment bags and carry cases for laptops.

Free shipping is given on all orders over $50 worth.

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