Thursday, November 22, 2007

I thank all for their comments.

My blog post on FeedBurner has received a few comments and I thank everyone who has read and commented. I also thank all who have read and left without commenting.

I regret that I have not written well. I should have given more details about the many uses of FeedBurner especially about the in depth traffic analysis it provides. Probably, another person may have written a detailed blog post on the subject.

Here is a testimonial about FeedBurner that might interest my readers.
"We recently integrated FeedBurner into The Creative Connector blog and it has become a tremendous help in bettering our understanding of who is visiting the blog, where they are coming from, and which visitors are subscribing to the RSS feed. With all of the FeedBurner tools, we can now focus on providing even better content for entrepreneurs and marketers. Thank you FeedBurner!" -
The Creative Connector 11/16/07
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