Thursday, November 22, 2007

New search engine for your blogs.

One of my blog post titled "List of Blog Search Engines" has received the following comment.
"Boris has left a new comment on your post "List of blog search engines.":

You may want to consider adding Zuula to your list of blog search engines.

It's different than many of the other engines you have, since it's more a blog meta search engine. But it makes it incredibly easy to check eight different major blog search engines, all from one site. And, once you've used it, you'll realize how different the results can be from the various engines.

Plus, Zuula is useful for general web search, image search, and news search as well.

Hope you find it useful!"

So, I visited Zuula just now. I did two searches; one on blog directories and one on 'Blog Avenues'-hi hi, yes on this blog; just to test you know. (smile)

The search results from Google yielded 936 results.
Yahoo 1410
MSN 338
Gigablast 123
Exalead 100
Alexa 129
Accona 55
Mojeek 95741

Obviously, Mojeek's results are not correct as it searched for blog and avenues separately too even though I put the search term in quotes.

As you can see, Zuula search 7 major search engines and gives the results in tabs.

Zuula can be added in Firefox's search box.
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