Sunday, November 25, 2007

TV lift is a unique product.

The entire house is in disarray even after spending a week in the new house. Yes, the house is spacious and ironically that is posing problems. Each one of us have a different opinion of where to put the divan, the home theater, and the old news papers and so on. The argument seems endless. I suppose, every household faces this vexing issue.

The new plasma TV is occupying a huge space in its box adding to our indecision. We just could not mount it in the wall. It spoils the look of the entire home theater ambience.

Then my son suggested buying a TV lift. “TV lifts? I have not heard of it before”, my husband said.

Then he showed me various tv lifts in I was captivated by the idea of enclosing the costly plasma television in a wooden console from which, the TV can be lifted on top of the console with a press of a button. When not in use, the flat panel TV is concealed inside the console.

The picture below is TV lift console which of course is costly but it can protect the television from dust. Also there is also ample area behind each door to house our audio-visual equipment on two adjustable shelves.

On this one issue, we have no difference of opinion.

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