Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog directory for video blogs.

Since the launch of YouTube, I have become an addict for watching video clips online. My first choice is always birds and animals followed by natural scenes.

I do also browse the top picks. I too wanted to start a video blog but I don't have a camera! (Smile)
A video blog is the new hot way for people to stick their personal lives on the internet! Not just simple words, static pictures, or grainy audio. They invite you to join them where-ever they go; meet their friends, their family, go on vacation, fall in love, and all vicariously from the comfort of your home computer.

Watching video blogs, I think people upload videos can be segregated as follows:
*Show off their skill.
*Genuine interest in sharing what they liked.

Here is a great directory for video blogs called Vid Blogs.
This directory is mainly categorized as per country.

Thank you Vid Blogs. I enjoyed my stay with you.
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