Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Say no to allergy.

I believe even today, more and more new allergies are being reported. I last heard from a friend of my husband that he is allergic to a sort of potpourri that emits pleasant smelling dense fumes. This is used for religious purposes.

I too was against using it due to its nature of polluting the environment.

Many people develop some sort of discomfort that is caused by dry air. There are several cases of headaches, sinus related problems and even asthma are reported due to dry air and imbalanced humidity conditions.

Doctors prescribe different relief products for different allergies. is the leading multi-channel retailer of allergy relief products.

Their Ecor Environmental ultrasonic digital humidifier has a multitude of features such as built-in hygrometer and 360 degree swivel spout.

This instrument is extremely useful during these winter days when humidity can be very low. With this humidifier, we can increase indoor humidity with the comforting warm mist option, or cooler mist for warmer climates.

This particular product (see picture)covers up to 540 sq. ft. They offer humidifiers that cover larger areas too and some of them are shipped free of cost to us.
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